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Photo of Chao BianChao Bian

PhD Candidate

IBBME (University of Toronto)

(416) 597-3422 x 7911




Chao received his M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba in 2014. During his masters, Chao worked with the Emergency Room of Seven Oaks General Hospital in Winnipeg with the focus of improving RFID accuracy for a patient tracking system. In 2013, Chao joined the Auto-ID lab of MIT in the USA as a visiting Master’s student. In MIT, he continued to explore new perspectives to improve RFID accuracy for indoor personnel tracking by using sensory data fusion. After graduated from University of Manitoba in 2014, Chao joined a startup company in Winnipeg developing a RFID based timing system for endurance athletes.

Prior to joining IASTL in Toronto Rehabilitation Institute as a PhD student, Chao worked as a system developer in MORR Transportation Consulting in Winnipeg, where he developed an innovative acoustic based train monitoring and predictive system, TRAINFO™. This patented product has been deployed for pilot tests in Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. Another project that Chao undertook while in MORR is a probe based traffic monitoring system where smartphones were used to estimate corridor travel time.

Chao’s research at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute will be in the area of sensory systems and machine learning algorithms for predicting people’s cognition from their daily activities. He is always passionate about building systems for Internet of Things in health care and applying intelligent analytical algorithms into those systems.


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2. C. Bian, Q. Peng, G. Zhang, 2013, “Improvement of RFID Accuracy for a Product Tracking System”, ASME 2013 International Design Engineering Technical Conference & Computer and Information in Engineering Conference, August 4-7, Portland, Oregon, USA


G. Rempel, N. Ternowetsky, M. Reimer, C. Bian: System to Provide Real-Time Railroad Grade Crossing Information To Support Traffic Management Decision-Making, U.S. Patent Pending, (Application Number: 15/146,391, Filing Date: May 7, 2015)