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Photo of AliAli Mojdeh

PhD Candidate

University of Toronto


(416) 946-8573



Ali received his bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a specialization in Bioelectrics from University of Tehran in the Spring of 2014. His undergraduate project was to develop an algorithm to condition functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) signals and create a map of brain activity.

He then joined University of Waterloo and completed his MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His project involved microfabrication of piezoelectric filters and resonators for high quality cell phone signal transmission.

Ali began his PhD at IATSL in March 2020 with Dr. Babak Taati and Alex Mihailidis. The goal of his project is to detect and recognize facial expressions from videos and at the same time preserve patient privacy through deep learning algorithms, mainly federated learning.