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Photo of Emilie Jean-BaptisteEmilie m.d. jean-baptiste

Post-doctoral Fellow

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

(416) 597-3422 x 40460







Emilie received her BSc degree in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering from the University of Bordeaux, France (2006-2009). She pursued her studies in Brescia in Italy and Paris in France, where she received an international MSc degree in Mechatronic systems for rehabilitation from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, France (2009-2011).

Since 2016, Emilie holds a Ph.D in Computer and Systems Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK. As a Ph.D candidate, she worked in a European project that focused on the design of an assistive system for stroke survivors (i.e., In this project, she was in charge of developing a planning system and a user's error recognition module able to automatically provide appropriate recommendations to stroke survivors during their activities of daily living. To do so, she used various artificial intelligent algorithms, focused on Markov Decision Processes, Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes and successfully explored novel ideas.

Emilie's current work at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and IATSL aims at developing a cross-task and cross-system recommendations planning module for an assistive system that helps individuals with dementia (i.e., COACH). Her second goal is to work on the transfer of this system to an assistive robotic platform, in order to further improve its flexibility and performance. She is currently involved in the project Ubiquitous robotics to support older adutls with dementia.

Key Publications

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