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Gemma Parra

Research Intern

M.Eng. (Electrical, Universidad de Guanajuato)
B.Sc. (Biomedical Engineering, ITESM Campus Monterrey)
(416) 597-3422 x7392


Gemma Parra received her bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering from ITESM Campus Monterrey (Mexico) in 2008.  Gemma holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Universidad de Guanajuato (Mexico). Her Masters project focused on visual texture analysis and segmentation, along with the implementation of basic computer vision algorithms on FPGA.  Her research interests includes biomedical image processing.

Gemma joined IATSL in September of 2011 as an intern. She is currently working on 3D human motion analysis, and she is implementing computer vision techniques and machine learning algorithms to develop a system that can automatically detect abnormal events on the stairs.

Recent Publications

M. Eng. Thesis: Segmentación de Textura en Tiempo Real con Implementación en Hardware, Universidad de Guanajuato,2011.

G.S. Parra-Dominguez, R.E. Sanchez-Yanez and V. Ayala-Ramirez. Texture segmentation on a local binary space. Research in Computer Science, vol. 53, pp. 103 - 113, 2011 (IPN CIC, México, ISSN 1870 - 4069).