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Justin Bimbrahw

Photo of JustinResearch Developer

M.Eng. (Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto)
B.A.Sc. (Engineering Science, University of Toronto)
(416) 946-8573



Justin joined IATSL in January 2010. Since then he has been working to create an intelligent, interactive device to prompt children with autism through the task of hand washing. His work has mainly involved developing, integrating and testing real-time computer vision-based software to perform activity identification, as well as developing a user interface that will allow caregivers to choose how the system should interact with their children in order to optimize guidance and encourage independence. It is hoped that the system will serve not only as a substitute for a caregiver, but also as a teaching tool that will increase independence in activities of daily living for children with autism.

Justin holds the Master of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering and the Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science (Biomedical Option) degree from the University of Toronto. His Masters project focused on creating software for an eye tracking system used by psychiatrists at the Toronto General Hospital to test the effects of medications administered to their patients. He has also helped to create devices in the areas of medical imaging physics and pediatric rehabilitation. His interests include music, economics, swimming and the environment.


Bimbrahw, J., Boger, J. and Mihailidis, A. (in review, 2011). Efficacy of a Computerized Prompting Device to Assist Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Handwashing: A Pilot Study. Assistive Technology.