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Photo of SinaSina Akbarian

Masters Candidate

(University of Toronto)





Sina was born in Tehran, Iran. He graduated from high school with diploma in mathematics and physics in 2012 (Tehran, Iran). He received his bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering(Bio Electric) from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran, Iran) in 2016, with honor. He will be starting his MASc in Biomedical Engineering in September 2017 at University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. Babak Taati. His research interests include neuroscience, rehabilitation robotics, wearable assistive technology and machine learning.

Some of his undergraduate projects include the design and implementation of a Laboratory ECG and EMG machine, design and simulation of the 555 timer IC by exploiting CMOS transistors, using MATLAB software to rewrite the algorithm of Simulated Annealing, and study the effect of DBS (deep brain stimulation) device on the handís tremor of Parkinson disease patients. Sina also designed and implemented a particular hospital bed for patients on wheelchair as his bachelorís capstone project. In addition, he has practical knowledge of programming in MATLAB, C++, SolidWorks, LTspice, Proteus and Micro-controllers (AVR , ARM and Arduino).

Beside scientific skills, Sina also is an avid skier and swimmer. He received his swimming coach (grade 3) certification in December 2016, in Iran.