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Yulia Eskin

Photo of YuliaResearch Developer

M.Sc. (Computer Science, University of Toronto)

B.Sc.(Computer Science, University of Toronto)
(416) 946-8573




Yulia Eskin holds a Masters of Science (2011) and an Honours Bachelor of Science (2009) in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.
Her Master’s work involved designing an Intelligent Nutritional Assessment system (INA) whose goal is to automatically monitor the nutrition of older adults in their own homes.

Computer vision and machine learning algorithms were explored and several novel datasets created. Currently, as a research developer, she is extending her Master’s work to develop a real-time working prototype.
In the summer of 2012, a pilot study will be conducted in which the prototype will be deployed in Toronto and compared against current nutritional assessment methods.

As an undergraduate student, she was involved in a research project in computer vision with Professor Sven Dickinson and Michael Jamieson. The project's goal was to extend an automatic image annotation system.


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