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Age-CAP (Age-friendly Communities Assessment apP)

Keywords: Age-friendly environments, senior citizenship, crowd-sourced database, mobile technology.

Overview of Research

Age-CAP is a cross-platform smart phone application which aims to create a crowd-sourced database of ‘age-friendly’ locations. It consists of survey styled forms which enable users to quickly rate a location or service. The criteria used for rating was developed using the World Health Organization’s age-friendly cities guidelines (WHO, 2007) and age-friendly community initiatives in other North American cities. Users are also able to browse submitted ratings to assess the age-friendliness of locations in their neighbourhood, providing them with information which was otherwise unavailable.

Age-CAP was designed using the universal design criteria, making it suitable for use by older adults. The participation of older adults in the development of age-friendly communities is an example of senior citizenship that fosters cohesive and inclusive communities. By combining universal design for product development with concern for enabling community based occupational roles, our team aims to enable effective senior citizenship through Age-CAP.

Screenshot of Age-CAP on a smart phone

Figure 1. Screen shot of Age-CAP running on a smart phone (click to enlarge).

Access Age-CAP

Age-CAP iconAge-CAP is available for free on the iTunes and Google Play stores. Follow the links below or search ‘Age CAP’ on your device.

Please read Age-CAP's disclaimer.

Related Publications

  1. Trentham, B., Jimmo, J., Bhatnagar, M. and Mihailidis, A. (2013, accepted). Enabling senior citizenship through interdisciplinary collaboration: The Age-CAP App. CAOT conference, May 29-June 1, Victoria, BC.

Research Team

Alex Mihailidis, PhD, P.Eng. (University of Toronto)
Barry Trentham, PhD (University of Toronto)
Jennifer Jimmou, MScOT (University Of Toronto)
Manas Bhatnagar, M.H.Sc Candidate (University of Toronto)